Oktober 11, 2009


Hello beauty dulcheers,
How are you? Fine right?
Me? Absolutely, I always fine hahaha :D

Well, today I did the 3rd tryout at GO. Wuaw sounds..........(un)exciting~ -__-
The tryout was so damn difficult, I always hate to do that one.
Guess what did WE do while we were doing our test?
CHEATING! Ya, that's what I mean!
And there was no teacher while we were doing the test so we could easily shouted from A to B and to others with no worries ha-ha :D
Actually from the 1st until the 2nd tryout there's no effect if there was a teacher/no.
Why? Bcs every teacher who guided us in our room usually fell asleep easily and fastly wohoho :o

Eh, I have to go now. Buhbye fellas! Love--me

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